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With over 30 years of experience and more than 2,000 homes sold, Nick Good, Matt Kelderman and Brian Force bring you everything you need to know to grow a massive real estate business.

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In the summer of 2018, Nick Good, Matt Kelderman and Brian Force met in a mutual friend’s garage to test out some new audio/video equipment. The ensuing conversation inspired what has become a labor of love for three real estate nerds with a passion for new ideas and uninhibited honesty around the market and the industry.

As the show has grown to take on a life of its own, the hosts have grown with it, now having the privilege of speaking as three of the country’s top real estate sales professionals and leaders of two of America’s highest producing teams.

Now, through the show, online community and in-person events, the boys are able to bring real insight, guidance and practical advice to real estate agents, investors and entrepreneurs all over the world.



What Top Performers In Every Industry Do Better

The simple truth is that, for the best agents in the business, things haven’t really changed, and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as that mindset is true for elite performers across the board. Here’s what they do best.

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What You Can Do To Take More Listings Right Now

Although it’s been shouted in real estate circles enough times to have lost its sizzle, the phrase “List to last” is more relevant than ever before. As inventory rises and market sentiment remains volatile, there is one tried and true way to thrive in any market environment: Take listings.

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Lower Your Buyers Payment Using This One Trick

As inventory levels out the supply/demand imbalance, buyers are gaining leverage in the negotiation, while sellers still have more equity than at any other point in history. The one drawback is that buyers expecting to lock their loans at the same rate they would have received two months ago are experiencing some sticker shock when realizing what their monthly payment will be now that rates have jumped.

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How To Serve Your Seller’s In a Shifting Market

As inventory continues to rise, nearly at the same rate that prices did for the last two years, more agents are having to adjust their seller’s expectations on the fly and have difficult conversations to keep deals together or listing agreements intact. This trend is likely to continue for a brief period until the market settles into a state of equilibrium and seller expectations adjust to the reality of the current market. So what can agents be doing to take more listings and serve their seller clients at a higher level to keep business booming in a time of change?

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